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The Traveling Mystery school's mission is to teach and learn while traveling to sacred sites all over the world. Each traveling retreat will be an adventure of exploration and heart-centered tourism.


 Self-empowerment is the goal, as we experience the most beautiful places on earth, "in a sacred way,"  We are not your average tourists! We will be engaging with some of the most powerful star gates on the planet,

It is an honor “to be called”,


All retreats will include teachings of the subtle realms, herbalism, sound healing, breathwork and somatic movement intertwined with deep embodiment practices based on love and acceptance. We will actively work with stargates and learn how to be in service in this way.


 Great care will be taken to Create a safe cohesive group dynamic. Holding sacred space for each participant as they experience feelings and emotions that wish to be witnessed. We will learn about the sacred sites, and culture and connect with the land and ancestral energies of each place we visit.


We wish to invite those who have been called to join us in these epic adventures.

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