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Love Embodied weekends

 learn to unravel lifetimes of cultural programing.

Begin to manifest ease and abundance! Allow for unexplained synchronicities!

 Begin the journey home now! Yes, it is possible to embody love! 

Let's feel everything with heart! 

You're invited to join these intentional gatherings that will explore the awakening process in the body.

The time to embody the new earth within is now!


As a group, we will look at limiting beliefs and our attachments to them. We start with cultivating beliefs that nourish the soul and body with compassionate solutions, that lift the spirit and create abundance and ease in everyday life.


How can grief and loss become an integral part of the process of releasing limiting beliefs?  How can we allow imperfect thoughts and behaviors to exist without internal judgment taking over, at the same time we learn to embody love? 


We will explore how awareness of habitual negative thought patterns creates duality within the body,

and manifest in personal external realities.


Begin to consciously cultivate love-based multidimensional timelines in your life now!


Come together to explore and create sacred sounds with conscious breath and Somatic embodiment techniques with the intention of creating your own expansive love-based beliefs. 


We can activate dormant etheric DNA, with sound and light practices.


Reinforce your superpowers, with the conscious awareness of the elemental cycles playing out in every aspect of our lives. We can attune the process of awakening by creating a conscious relationship with the elementals.

Deep states of self-love will begin to emerge from these earth-based practices...


Language as a transpersonal gateway to self-empowerment.

When we speak we are manifesting our reality.

How can we speak what we really want to manifest.


Nervous system and a "love vibration."

How a constant vibration of love and gratitude coupled with sound, breath, and somatic techniques, create a feeling of safety and calm in the body. Increasing our intuition and connection to the subtle realms. 


Resets the nervous system resulting in diminished anxiety, and depression-triggered reactions, and creates homeostasis in the body for optimal health.

Coming late fall 2022, If you have a venue and community that you think would benefit from these gatherings. Please reach out!

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