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Beautiful sacred ceremonial gatherings, held every week.

exploring, growing, in joy we will create a container of unity.

With sound and breath we move with the flow of source.


Each week we will dive into juicy subjects, intentional sound transmissions.

and share some healthy soup!!


May, 4th, 6;00-8pm


We begin our journey exploring the vibration of love.

Love is creation, Love is divine, Love is nature, We are love.

Talking about love and sounding love into a sacred container is ecstatic and soooo healing.


May, 19th 6;00-8pm

The Living Earth:

All things in existence are inherently part of nature, including ourselves.

The purpose of this gathering is to show appreciation and honor the teachers and guides

that encompass the plant kingdom and animal family.

As individuals, we share a connection with nature, and if we choose to cultivate and deepen this relationship,

we can communicate with all aspects of it. Being located in Taos, we understand the significance of connecting with the sacred mountain. In this special place, each of us experiences amazing synchronicities that add to the excitement of our time here.

During our gathering, we will embark on a shamanic journey into the sacred mountain,

acknowledging the unique energies that are present in Taos.

After the journey, we will share our experiences with each other while enjoying a special blend of herbal tea,

listening for guidance and insight to deepen our understanding of the natural world.


June,1st, 6-8 pm

Ancestral lineage:

 The lineage we hold is a gift from our ancestors. In deep gratitude and appreciation for everything they have learned

and passed on to us and of course the acknowledgement of the sacrifices they have made to bring us to this place and time. 

       Let's also take a deep dive into the parts of our family story that are no longer needed.

We can transform and create new lineage

for ourselves, children and the next seven generations. lineage is vibrational and we can heal the wounds of oppression and violence.


july 21

New Earth Beliefs and limiting Beliefs::

What we believe creates our reality. What beliefs do we want to anchor into a our body and

what beliefs do we want to drop kick in to the compost pile.

Every belief has a vibrational signature and is connected to the body and the nervous system..

We can dissolve away limiting beliefs freeing up much needed energy flows to create abundance.


Aug 11

The Shadow:

What is the shadow teaching us? What is the shadow? lets take some time to listen to the shadow and give it some respect and love

Shadow work is a necessary component to liberating the shackles of the 3d paradigm..

Is the shadow just trying to protect us in a misguided attempt to save the soul?

Lets explore the shadow in a container of love and light!



This is where the rubber meets the road. Each person comes at embodiment differently.

We are spiritual sorvern light beings.

We can intellectualize all of this spiritual knowhow to the end of time but

until we have begun the embodiment process.

We will not be able to enjoy the amazing benefits, like

 increased intuition, healthy body, abundance, enhanced sexuality, ect ect ect...  

It's a process and we all are worthy of experiencing our true nature of love, 

We are not alone:

Aliens, Star nations, Celestial beings (Angels) The hathors. the Arcturians, the lemurians, Ancestral guides,

The galactic federation. Greys.. Fairies, Ascended masters, Isis, White Buffalo women, 

Who do you resonate with.? 

There is never any reason to feel alone when we are deeply connected to the astral realms of the multiverse.

It's all inside of us!

Ground into elemental magic;

All of this change may be leaving you a bit ungrounded and a bit confused fear not.

The elementals are a constant grounding force.

We are the elements and we are with every breath we confirm that we are alive and in constant relationship with the elements.

Everything is in relationship to the elements and there is a progresion.

Relationship projects our own awakening the planets awakening and the universal awakening.

all within the cycle of the elements . what a trip!

We can anchor in all of that juicy unity consciousness energy with the elements there not going anywhere!


DNA and evolutionary timeline jumping.

Here we go!!

This is something, that folks are not talking about and it is a true anomaly that is beginning to take place,right now,

     Vibrational changes on the planet and within each of us are activating dormant DNA.

Everything and answer a lot of questions on how we all shift into a new paradigm. Its vibrational and it is within us.

the willingness to

Natural algorithms and Gateways:

Within our magnetic field and gaia's magnetic field is an infinite amount of algorithms. 

As humans we are powerful light beings we can clear, reset and upgrade these bands of light that  bring information 

back and forth. We do this for the collective and to increase intuition telepathic abilities and abundance.

We will actually go to an earth getaway here in the Taos area and work with it in service.



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