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Power of the sacred voice!  Our voice is one of our best healing tools. We can sing into the body and move blockages. We can move Trauma, We can clear and open pathways by channeling our soul. We can help others to move there blockages.  Its the most liberating healing aspects of sounnd therapy. It cost nothing to use your voice in this way. We will  enter in to sacred chanting and light langauge too. everyone has a healing voice!

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Hey brothers, lets create a strong healthy brotherhood, Right here in the Taos area.! 

lets sit in circle together, supporting each other by listening with out judgment in confidence. A group where we can go deeper than the usual everyday conversations we engage in.


We will come into presence with the help of tools like, Conscious breathing, Shamanic sound healing, Drumming and Movement. Definitely open to other ideas and modalitys.  


We will work with herbal medicine and journey with plant spirits from time to time. 

talk about ritual and creating sacred space.

This is a non political, non religous and  non violent group. 

Every other topic is fair game


 I know, showing up to something like this takes some courage. I promise its gonna be super chill. nothing to worry about.. I'm no Guru and dont want to be.. I'm happy to allow others to lead, once we get going, It's not about making money its about creating community.. Someone has to facciltate and start this group I suppose thats me. All funds gathered will be put into a fund to buy materails for upcoming groups. IE: herbs, food, drums. charity or if a brother needs some help.


We are gonna explore some uncomfortble issues some times like: sexuality, limiting belifs, toxic masculinity., High vibe communication., privledge. that might take some getting used too. 

It's good to talk about uncomoftable subjects that have been taboo for men. fuck the old construct we dont have to perpetuate that world anymore..

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