Shamanic Sound Healing Training

                           Level One.  


Post pandemic, live training's in Taos, NM

Two weekends of experiential training and many hours of live, online zoom classes inbetween.

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With the level one training we offer a drum birthing workshop.  Creating your own drum and mallet is a intimate and profound process.

  Sound healing training level 1,

will cover the fundamentals of becoming a sound healer, and beyond.

   Subjects will include

  • The science of sound 

  • Cultivating coherence, with sound 

  • Creating relationship with instruments

  • How to use Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Gongs, Rattles, Drums, Bells, and much more

  • Shamanism 

  • Consciousness, evolution and sound as a vehicle of transformation

  • The voice,  power of toning and chant

  • Sound practices that are focused on Anxiety, Depression, fear, Trauma, chronic pain, spiritual crisis. 

  • Creating a private sound practice, 

  • facilitating sound baths

  • Cultivating intuition, for deep listing

  • Rhythm and timing 

  • Creating sound meditations

  • Plant medicine, with sound.

  • Drum making

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Two full weekends for experiential learning,

with time to create ceremony.

8 zoom classes for advanced curriculum,

Weekend 1, Sept 4, 5 2021

Weekend 2, Oct 23, 24 2021

Zoom classes will be Wed or Tues evening. 

Class cost is $450.00

with 150.00 deposit.