Davids bio


  David started his training in shamanism 24 years ago. Having just moved to Vermont From Syracuse NY, He became a Father, around that same time. Through Shamanism he was able to find his heart. He loved the synchronicities that where continuously occurring through the natural world. He met his first spirit guide, a Hopi Shaman named (Running Bear,) The counsel that Running Bear offered would be forever honored. The mystical nature of what he was expirencing at that time embued in david a new way of being. Now Paying close attention to the intricacies of the subtle realms and beauty of life unfolding before him. Nothing would ever be the same as he started his journey into the medicine way.


David then became curios about trauma and the psycological aspects of the human expierence. That curiosity led him to a three year training at the synthesis center. Psychosynthesis is a practice of seeing all the parts of the self, by awareness of sub-personalities that we all have to protect the "SELF" or "Soul"  The training was of great importance in the understanding of the silent inner landscape we are all holding. Psychosynthesis training gave his practice depth. David soon stumbled into sound healing in 2008. He quickly resonated with the powerful potential of sound. He went on to graduate from two different Sound healing schools, one was earth medicine based, and the other leaned towards the scientific side. He was blessed to be able to travel to Egypt and Peru opening earth gateways on 10/10/10 and 11/11/11.

 In 2012 David began facilitating Sound ceremonies and workshops throughout New England. This was a 7 year journey. During that time, herbalism and the magical powerful world of the green nation became a three year journy of study. His amazing herbal teacher taught through plant spirit journeys. The feminine nature of the plants have become Davids allies and teachers.. Shiatsu and breathwork rounded out his practice to include all of the elements. Heart song academy was founded in 2019 and was just getting going when Covid hit. That is when David  Was relocated to the Taos NM area.

David is an Author, water protector and advocate for the homeless.