Davids bio

  David started his shamanic training 24 years ago with Cie Simiru, He had just moved to Vermont From Syracuse NY, David was called to deepen his connection to the natural world and the subtle realms. He loved the synchronicities that  continuously occurred while playing in that world. From a very young age David was always very intuitive and was experiencing psychic anomalies.


   Shamanism led him to a deeper exploration into the nature of his own existence and overall a deeper mystical experience with all of life. His curiosity of the emotional body began to emerge, a three year training of psychosynthesis that  explores the inner landscape of the human experience started his holistic counseling practice. From there, David stumbled into sound healing. He quickly resonated with the powerful potential of sound.

 He went on to graduate from two different sound healing schools, one was shamanic based, and the other leaned towards the scientific side. He was blessed to be able to travel to Egypt and Peru with other sound masters.  David then started facilitating Sound ceremonies and workshops throughout New England . This 10 year journey , led him to Herbalism and the magical world of the green nation, Davids herbal teacher taught through plant spirit journeys. The feminine nature of the plants have become Davids allies and most prominent teachers.  Shiatsu and breathwork rounded his practice to include all of the Elements. 

 Heartsong Academy was founded in 2019 and was just getting going when Covid hit. That is when  it was relocated to the Taos NM area . David is an Author and is an activist for the planet and a advocate for the homeless. Davids focus is now on helping all humans to awaken.