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David kuhn is a visionary, teacher and founder of Living Earth Sound Healing Center and Traveling Mystery School. He has been in private practice for over 20 years. David's beginning practice was in the tradition of shamanism, holistic counselor and medical intuitive That's until sound healing found him. His first experience with sound healing manifested in a kundalini awakening. David then went on to graduate from two prominent Sound therapy Schools. He sought out the best teachers for over 5 years. He immersed himself in sound trainings, and traveled the world creating sound at sacred sites. David spent a decade facilitating ceremonies and sound baths in every imaginable way. David began teaching sound therapy to students in 2017. David is an Author of two books. His first book explores the mystical nature of a spiritual journey in the south west. His latest book is based on the awakening process that explores the embodiment of love and self empowerment. David has become an advocate to the homeless and works with clients in recovery from addiction. David Moved his practice and school from Vermont to NM during the pandemic. He holds certificates in Shiatsu, Reiki, Sound therapy. Psychosynthesis, Shamanism, Breathwork, Herbalism, some of his sound healing teachers have been Tom Kenyon, David Gibson, Zacciah Blackburn and Jonathan Goldman.

David now lives in Arroyo Seco. NM with his son.

 "I have received several sound healing and breath sessions with David. Each time, I came away feeling extremely clear and in line with my true self, knowing what steps to take to remain in balance.  Every time I set an intention, which is carefully honored and attended to. I always feel totally seen and safe in his presence. Sometimes even chronic pain in my body had completely disappeared after a session!  I am very selective with who I go to for this type of work and have worked with many in the past. David is completely authentic in his approach, quickly getting down to the heart of the matter. He is a very gifted, powerful and intuitive healer which I highly recommend for issues of the heart, mind, soul and body." 
Lauren bernozzi.

"David, offers deeply grounded spiritual healing, Through his creative connection to  sound and vibration. in  a way that allowed me to completely relax and trust in the beauty that comes through him.

I recommend his work to anyone who wants to surrender to the well of love and mystery that connects us all. "

Hillary Lake

"David is very skilled on many levels. As a wonderful counselor,

as well as a sound healer and herbalist. He offers a complete healing experience, to work with David is to go on a journey within with a very skillful guide who knows how to help you integrate your experience and live a more soulful life."

Emily Samet 

"David is a masterful teacher. Highly recommend! " Danny Clark.

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