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Self love in a culture of fear.

Hey Y'all, We got this!

Yes, we are living in a fearful and polarizing time.

(There is a lot to be fearful of.)

Yep Its ok to feel fear.

Fear is exactly what we have been taught

Since we were just little, school, media, religion, parents and peers have propagated and infused fear into our body

giving us the sense that the world we live in is not safe and abundant. Maybe you have in turn been apart of this by instilling fear into yourself and others too.

Don't beat yourself up.

Fear is all around us, systemic within our bodys.

Yep, it's Not ideal!

So what can we do?

We still need to live our lives and go to work and interact with a culture hell bent on scaring the crap out of us, on a daily basis.

The answer to fear, is Love! Cultivating self love is fundamental in the awakening process. When we Love our body and who we are, just the way we are.

Something magical starts to happen, The fear we hold begins to dissipate.

We can now see fear for what it is. "A biological response." Love, gratitude and appreciation are powerful vibrations that will dissolve fear away at the root of its conception.

Once you make the choice to love yourself and importantly your body without judgement.

There will be a change instantaneously. You see at the core of who you are "is love" the most powerful transformational vibration in the universe.

Love is the creator force.Yes, you are a creator.

Why would any of us want to stay in fear? Or allow fear to dictate our reality?

We actually do not want to live in fear.

Believe me, I am no different than anyone else I have deep fears from childhood trauma.

Those fears are systemic in my body. meaning they are not consciously easily remedied.

The other piece of the puzzle, I have stumbled on, in the journey of self love is.

We hold memory in our cellular structure. Genetic coding, DNA and lineage.

These unconscious memories make up and create are reality.

This process is actually how we evolve and conspire with the brain to keep us alive here on planet earth. Makes sense, living on a hostile planet. Or does it?

My conclusion is fear is why the planet is hostile. The idea that we must be fearful to keep us safe, is exactly why it is unsafe. For most of us. We are safe 99.9% of the time.

The great awakening is upon us my friends. It is time to change our internal dialog.

This dialog is not even created by us most of the time. It has been given to us.

We can start slow. With just a thought or a gesture to let are body know that we understand its plight, and wish to make the switch to a love based reality.

I have an incredible amount of compassion for those of us who struggle with fight or flight.

Reacting to life instead of participating in life doesn't feel good and inhibits abundance and robs us of valuable energy.

Even if there is no major trauma in your life that you can remember.

Fear is systemic in the biology of the human body.

We will all benefit from embracing a love vibration.

Love, will replace fear in the cellular structure of our body,s.

It's a choice, and will be miraculous.

Let's face the truth, we all have fears. Some of those fears can seem incredibly real.

Of course they are real. Although, they do not deserve to rule are life.

We can find ways to replace fear with love.

If you are new to this path or have already embarked on the journey of self love.

The vibration of love is "nature" and is the key to manifesting with all of creation.

This vibration will exponentially propel humanity into a new paradigm.

You see, love is what creates us, and everything on the planet and the universe, it is infinite.

Love is the creative force that animates us. We do not have to go far to find love. it's all around us. in fact it is at the core of who we are.

So what's up with the fear?

Fear is a control mechanism that has been used to keep humans from being abundant and free, There is a lot to say about that, for now let's focus on self love. When we think of love it's usually how we love others. A partner, friends and family are what we think of when we think of love.

Self love is not something that we have been taught.

My first initial attempt of self love was incredibly awkward and confusing.

I wasn't really sure what self love meant and how to authentically love myself.

"I am still learning".

As I started the process, it wasn't natural at all for me. Love is an action word.

I started with gratitude.

Just being grateful for all of my emotions without judgment.

When I find myself fearful and reacting to a situation in my life.

It's usually from a habitual fear based reaction that is visceral and unconscious.

Yep, same ole song being played out on my greatest hits. Over and over the same songs being played and yes it is part of the neurological system that is controlling my Adrenals and endocrine system dumping reactionary chemicals in my body in that moment.

This is when i started to take a moment of space teaching myself to cultivate a counter reaction of gratitude in that moment. reprogramming my body with self love.

Juist being Grateful, that I am aware of the reaction. That is all.

If I found myself unable to be grateful. i would softly say "I wish I was grateful".

True self love, is not necessarily self care. although it is apart of it.

What i'm talking about is deep in the body. It's important to know that being on the yoga mat or meditating all day or even being in counseling for years does not necessarily always wash away the fear and the reactions we have when we are interacting with cultural norms.

These practices can be important steps to self love and for the overall health and balance.

I bring this up, for one reason. There is billions of humans who do experience the kind of privilege that some of us have, Believe me, they will have the same opportunity to awaken in there own way.

Anyone regardless of race, spiritual practice or even no spiritual practice can awaken now. There is no spiritual ego in self love.

Once we are aware of the simple truth we all have the power to flip the switch from fear to love, the stories we hold will start to change. That is all.

Most of these stories are not even written by us.

Actually I would say 90% are not written by us. Its ok, and it's not ok.

Self love is a process and can take practice. it's a journey worth taking. The more that all of us can embody self love, the better we feel. You will find that your health, Sexuailty. intuition, relationships and abundance will improve with self love. We do it for ourselves and for everyone else. I can not give you all of the techniques to master self love in this short blog. My hope is to plant a seed of gratitude and appreciation, inviting you to start a dialog within yourself, to yourself.

(Your ready! We all are!)

There is many actions you can take to deepen the process of self love.

In fact, it is an individual and intimate process. Its true,

think of it like a fingerprint, no one, is the same.

We are all unique and special in that way. We get to decide how we awaken and how we love ourselves.

With Gratitude

David Heartsong

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