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If this weekend gathering is calling you, here are some details of this important leap forward. 



Day one

Sound Healing, Breath work and Movement techniques are presented in a supportive shamanic ceremony.

David is also an herbalist, and is enlisting the green nation to join in with us.

Throughout the weekend, we will engage in multiple plant spirit journeys, for personal and collective guidance.

  Diving deep, requires a supportive and safe setting, rest assured much attention will be paid to setting space.


Moving beyond limited beliefs takes an honest evaluation of ones sedentary story's

learn to continually reset the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing involuntary triggers and reducing

Inflammation and a frazzled nervous system, all the while building the immune system.

This work inherently increases intuition accuracy and opens up new pathways of potentiality.

The goal on this first day is to relax and nourish the self and each other. 

 Ultimately, enhancing awareness and accepting responsibility for

 creating the manifestations that support the highest self.


 Grieving is an important aspect to this monumental change. We will take the time to honor all feelings


Day two

Start by integrating day one

 moving forward,  lets look into the body and the role of lineage and genetic coding .

Some questions we will explore.

What is unity consciousness ? What is the new paradigm?

What role does "DNA" play in the evolutionary future of the human race?

How are Star seeds and light beings playing a role in are ascension?


We are the ones who hold the power in activating dormant "DNA" 

No one else can do it for us.

There is way forward.

Embodiment, Embodiment, Embodiment

There will be specific Sound healing and breath practices shared throughout both days 

With the intention of establishing moments of clarity for everyone, we will also be in service to the collective.

Awakening is a personal journey and is unique to each person.

Everyone's path is sacred and will be honored .



  • Cultivate your intuitive nature

  • Create positive synchronicity's

  • Heal your body

  • Manifest abundance that feeds your purpose

  • Fully participate in the creation of your reality

  • Embody a love vibration

  • Diminish, the fight or flight response

  • Rewrite the stories of trauma

  • Begin to forgive yourself and others



 1-6 Sat and Sun

Jan 8,9 2022


call or leave a message,  and a good time to call back.

With Gratitude, David