Join us for a Heart centered  cacao ceremony. 

Steeped in traditional organic cacao grown in Guatemala, specificly for ceremony use.

David Kuhn, shamanic sound healer, will hold 

sacred space with deep resonate sounds.

that will create spacionous of the heart..

The cacao creates a deep meditative and

blissful heart opening experience.

As intentional healing sounds wash over and through you. the heaviness of the day and year

will disolve away. leaving peace and harrmony.

Super good way to spend a saturday night

$25 or 2 for $45

Please register in advance at,

This is so we can have enough cacao made.

you can prepay or pay in cash at the door 

Venmo link below

Your invited to a sunday morning sound bath with the intention of cultivating "feeling states of love and gratitude." These powerful vibrations are the most healing for the body, soul and planet. What can we be grateful for today? Who and what do we love? Intentional breathwork and light chanting will be incorparted into this very relaxing and

nourishing Sunday morning bliss session!

Blue lotus, Egyptian ceremony

Sound and light gathering.

Join David for a magical night, steeped in the subtle realms .

Lets call in all beings of light!! Blue lotus tea has a powerful history. Going all the way back to the myetery schools of ancient egypt. the plant spirit of Blue lotus is certainly not limited to that part of the world. Her divine nature is feminine, abundant and compassionate . Blue lotus is a sacred water flower that is

Safe and nourishing. Blue lotus works to open the heart and pineal gland  "Third eye" creating a mind, heart connection

We will chant ancient egyptian mantras and allow for Isis to bathe us in sacred channeled sounds. It is not nessasary to drink the tea that will be offered to feel and engage in the benifits of Blue lotus. "It is recmmended though."

With Gongs, Crystal bowls,Tibetan bowls, Drums

and other magical instruments..

This event has already happened, we will do it again in a few months

$25 pre register 

We are in a time of great transformation.
Each one us has come here to open the heart within. The unlimited potentiality of the human species is that of the universe
. "Vast and spacious".

We are love and we are nature.
Any thing else is a lesson to be
learned, on are way home.