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David, offers deeply grounded spiritual healing, Through his creative connecton to  sound and vibration. in  a way that allowed me to completely relax and trust in the beauty that comes through him.

I recomend his work to anyone who wants to surender to the well of love and mystery that connects us all. 

Hillary Lake

shamanic sound healing training

special offer !!
$50 for one hour private sound healing and breathwork seesions untill march 20th 2022

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       David is very skilled on many levels. As a wonderful counselor,

as well as a sound healer and herbalist. He offers a complete healing experience, to work with David is to go on a journey within with a very skillful guide who knows how to help you integrate your experience and live a more soulful life.

Emily Samet 



Photo from, " Shamanic Sound Healing Training  "Drum making workshop"

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