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 Skylar my 15 Yo son, and my sweet dog Maya and I, are so very blessed to call New Mexico our home. For the past 9 months we have been getting settled into the Taos area. Just finished my book and have been integrating a new way of being in my body. There is so many beautiful humans that live here in NM. It is such a special place. I can tell its not for everyone, in many ways it's like Vermont. For me, NM feels like home

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Choosing our true nature, is a birthright. At the core of who we are

is the complexity and beauty of nature. The awakening process is one of  individual conceptualism that is unique and special to each of us.

Join David for a weekend of deep exploration into the body

and the subtle realms.

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shamanic sound healing training

 Shamanic Sound Healing training.

What is the nature of sound?

Learn to create

therapeutic healing sounds,

With  a solid foundation of  science, coupled with

 deep  intuitive listening . 

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David, offers deeply grounded spiritual healing, Through his creative connecton to  sound and vibration. in  a way that allowed me to completely relax and trust in the beauty that comes through him.

I recomend his work to anyone who wants to surender to the well of love and mystery that connects us all. 

Hillary Lake


       David is very skilled on many levels. As a wonderful counselor,

as well as a sound healer and herbalist. He offers a complete healing experience, to work with David is to go on a journey within with a very skillful guide who knows how to help you integrate your experience and live a more soulful life.

Emily Samet 




Photo from, " Shamanic Sound Healing Training  "Drum making workshop"

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