Living Earth Sound Healing Center Has its roots steeped in the tradition of Shamanism,,

We honor, respect and appreciate ancient cultures who have created the foundation of sound healing.. We include the mystical time tested techniques the ancients have  cultivated in the curriculum, We also look to science for an understanding of how sound can be explained, honed and included in our sound practice..


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 How do we embody Love?  We begin with the compassionate disillusionment of limiting beliefs

that have become vibrational anchors in the body, 

Somatic techniques that nourish the nervous system, gut and heart. We will bathe in Shamanic sounds,

in feeling states of love and gratitude that promote ease and abundance.

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Travel to Egypt, for a journey of a lifetime. Our group will enjoy private time in the great pyramid to create sound ceremonies and between the paws of the Sphinx too!. Four days on the Nile with a private boat. We will explore many sacred temples. this is a traveling mystery school exclusive!  

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Travel around the four corners of the Southwest! Participate in ceremony. work with stargates in sacred sites. We begin in. Taos Nm, Sedona Az, Valley of the gods UT, Cortez CO, Chaco canyon Nm. This 14 day desert journey of epic proportions is not for the faint of heart. So get your van, tent, camper  

and let's go!


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